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Relais de Haute Sambre Touristic revalorisation

The Relais of Haute Sambre is an 4 ha site with a hotel, a restaurant, a riding arena, stables, boxes, a riding school, hangars, a pond and some green spaces.

Ideally situated, in a tourist area, the relais is managed by a sheltered workshop. this one gives work to persons with disabilities.  The defining feature of the study  is the development of tourism industry and the execution of recreational infrastructure projects .  Hotel capacity will be increased with outdoor accomodation restaurant will be equipped with meeting rooms. This study entailed the completion of : a complete diagnosis,  the creation of a development porgramme, concept and masterplan, the cost calculation and the timing for their achievement.

Location : towns of Lobbes and Thuin (Belgium)
The project owner : Centre d’Ingénierie Touristique de Wallonie (CITW) et intercommunale IGRETEC
Review mission
In collaboration with Christian Knubben, hotel and catering industry consultant