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Realized in the end of the years ’90 the Jadot garden is situated in the former remarkable centre protected from Marche-en-Famenne between public and patrimonial buildings.On the route of an urban tourist walk this public garden is a haven of peace in true city centre. The sound of the water of a fountain distracts the visitor. Inside the flowerbeds of box tree the vegetation was getting old. The Town wanted to replace it by a flower arrangement. The choice of an colored association of long-living flowers, with grasses and with rosebushes was quickly imperative to limit the workload and the cost of a multiannual fleurissement. The colors of the bloomings contrast  with the hedges of box tree and charm harmoniously.

Location : rue des Carmes, Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium)
Public project ownership  : City of  Marche-en-Famenne