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The eco-zoning of Hermalle-sous-Huy extends on approximately 600 ha and 6 km long on the banks of the River Meuse between Liège and Huy. It contains numerous industries and undertakings.

The concept of eco-zoning applies to this industrial and craft economic business park because the collaboration between companies exists as well as possibilities of development of interactions. It is about a feasibility study relative to the town and country planning, the objectives of which are numerous :
– The planning with short, average and long term of infrastructures to be realized for the improvement of the accessibility and the service of the eco-zoning, the opening up of the Southwest part.
– The assertion of the identity of the eco-zoning in its whole.
– The development of spaces to give a visual quality to the eco-zoning and as well to improve the image and its attractiveness.
– The valuation of its situation on the banks of the River Meuse for the development of the transport by boat and the mixing with the rail transport.
– The valuation of the existing railroad for the development of the rail transport.
– The realization of landscaping reconciling the welcome of the human activities and the natural environment.
– The improvement of the landscaped quality.
– The diversification of the sites by the creation of groves, woody strips, quickset hedges, flowery meadows, puddles.
– The improvement of the ecological meshing and the biodiversity by a getting in touch with the existing vegetation on the hillside of the Meuse on the right bank,
– The valuation on the ecological plan of the residual spaces.

Besides an analysis of the existing landscape the study contains a masterplan, a plan of planned signalling system, recommendations of development, an estimation of the cost of the works and the maintenance.
The study was realized in dialogue with the Town of Engis, present companies on the site and various administrations of the Public Service of Wallonia.

Location : Hermalle-sous-Huy et Engis, commune d’Engis (Belgium)
Public project ownership : S.P.I.+ Agence de développement pour la province de Liège
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