Arpayge | Bureau d’études, d’architecture paysagère, d’urbanisme et d’aménagement du territoire.


This delightful village (typical of the French Ardennes) is located between Rocroi and Rethel; the Conseil General of the Ardennes wanted to develop the economic potential of the region.

The installation of the factory Lafarge (called Monier), dedicated to manufacture roof tiles has been the driving force of this development.
This undulating landscape was analysed and some landscape sensitivities have been identified. The masterplan has been made; some drafts, the water distribution patterns, the slow and middle lanes, the proposal for specific green network. The project integrated an ecological network in line with the exceptional coverage landscapes.

Location : Signy-l’Abbaye (France)
Public Ownership : Conseil Général des Ardennes, Direction des Routes et des Infrastructures